Week 1

Week One If I had to choose one word for the first week of the Internship class, it would be overwhelming. There is much to be done for the class, which is way more than I expected. We had to create a cover letter, a resume, a blog, evaluation forms, and other documentation too. Between this class, another class and a full time job, I’m worried about finding time for everything. I know at the end of this class I will be thankful for my time and for how much I’m going to learn through all this. This will be a good test to see if my time managemtn stills are up to par or if there is something I’m going to have to change. The class has just begun, heres to starting off strong!






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  1. Tammy Avatar

    Great job getting your reflection blog up and running for the class! Make sure you do a weekly posting here and then go and do some comments to your peer’s blog’s weekly postings!

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